Wireless Sensor Logger 2

Complete solution for logging professional wireless sensors.

Developed to be a battery powered logger for elite sport applications, the WSL-2 can acquire data from wireless sensors and provide a team data solution for telemetry, data capture and analysis.

It can measure data from:

  • 24 ANT+ Devices including Heart Rate , Crank Torque and Cadence.
  • 3 Axis accelerometer.
  • Direct wireless connection to professional 200Hz  crank torque sensors.
  • Full speed Zephyr Bioharness.
  • Wireless radio based  beacon (WSB-1) which allows end of lap and split beacons to be generated in the data.

And send the data to:

  • Central telemetry server over WIFI that can provide multiple device telemetry directly to Pi Toolbox and allow data to be generated with a common time stamp.
  • Internal data logger that can be offloaded as a text file and used with many analysis packages such as  Matlab , PiToobox, MoTeC I2.
  • Garmin Devices running the FooBarEngineering ANT Dash.

The WSL-2 has been used for:

  • Cycling data logger used in a velodrome environment.

It is powered from its own internal battery this gives up to 7 hours of operation and is recharged from the USB port directly.