Ant+ sensor to CAN interface.

The FooBarEngineering CAN Ant interface board (CANANT) is based on the proven WSL range of loggers and designed to interface sensors to the CAN bus.

The CANANT allows ANT+ sensors such as heart rate, MOXY, crank torque cadence and speed to be connected to a CAN network.

The standard CANANT supports 8 ANT sensors simultaneously.


Electrical Data

PCB level 50 x 20mm

Supply Voltage 7.0Vdc to 28Vdc
Supply Protection Reverse and over voltage
Supply Current 100mA @ 12V
Temperature Range Operating -10°C to +60°C
Temperature Range Storage -20°C to +70°C

I/O Information

1x CAN   1Mbit, 512k, 256k, 128k software selectable
8x ANT+ Configure to receive specified profile , including wild card serial search.

1x USB (Debug use only) RS232 terminal for setup and in use testing/ offloading of data.